Steve Banfield is the CEO of BMW’s car sharing program ReachNow. Since its launch in April 2016, ReachNow has expanded from Seattle to also include Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY. Now, with over 1300 cars in its fleet, ReachNow is paving the way for car sharing and transportation technology. 


Dan Saelinger is an award winning photographer best known for his collaboration and cover photos with magazines like Wired, The Atlantic, Popular Science and National Geographic. Best described, by himself, as, "A guy with a camera who likes wearing hooded sweatshirts."




Taylor Boyko is Founder and CEO of SimpleMDM, a software that allows you to manage Apple devices and apps with one intuitive, powerful cloud interface. SimpleMDM provides advanced functionality usually exclusive to convoluted enterprise offerings.



Mark Zusman is the editor and publisher of Willamette Week, the first and only weekly newspaper to win the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting and the first to win a Pulitzer for a story that was first published on the web.