President of Oregon College of Art and Craft, a mentor-based college where undergrad and grad programs promote creativity and innovation through the hand-made.


Allie is serial entrepreneur and technology maven with over 15 years’ experience driving technology enabled service companies. As President and CEO of Dynamic Events for over a decade, Allie traveled around the world producing events for some of the biggest names in technology. Seeing the need for a tool to organize and manage the events she and her team were producing, she created Hubb in 2012 and rolled it out to the wider world in 2015.




An entrepreneur and creator, Jelani has spent years in film, photo, consulting, and business development, creating opportunities for others to find their niche in the market. His background is varied from fine art illustration, sports, leadership, to extensive study in Koine Greek. Really at his core he desires to create meaningful products (like Circle!) and make them connect with those who use them.



Brad Berens is a leading digital media executive who has deep connections and a clear understanding of what advertisers, media properties, agencies and startups need from the fast-changing world of interactive technologies. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future where Brad concentrates on the future of transportation.